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Horizal have created a seamless link between the manufacturer and the customer

Through our ”Portaliers®”, we have created the first UK based NETWORK of gate installers to accommodate the massive growth in the Aluminium gate market.

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HORIZAL are the premier suppliers of high quality Aluminium Gates and Handrails in Europe.Created in 1969, and based in the Rhône-Alps region near Lyon.

HORIZAL began as a specialized manufacturer of aluminum railings and quickly became the European leader in this type of products for both new and existing construction.

HORIZAL products have become world renowned.

HORIZAL products main strengths lie in the technical design of its profiles and its associated products.

The sole use of aluminum castings gives extreme ease of installation and a fantastic design.

Over 30 countries worldwide are successfully marketing HORIZAL products.


Benefiting from its wide experience in the design of aluminum products, HORIZAL began to offer a range of aluminum gates in any style over 20 years ago.

Marketing and installation is now handled in particular through its network of professionals under the name “Portaliers®”,which simply means “gate experts”.


The challenge of quality every time is key to our success!

Quality Control and protection.

The quality controls start at the receipt of raw materials and we mark each stage of production.
Appropriate packaging techniques preserve the quality of products from manufacture to their final installation.

Aesthetics and Customization

Design and technology ensure HORIZAL contribute to the success of today’s architecture, from classic styles to modern innovative builds.

Moreover, the qualities of expertise and knowledge mixed with computerized production and manual skills pave the way for a more personalized product.

The HORIZAL products are delivered ready for installation with a specific computer software that provides optimized profiles, along with the correct number of fasteners and parts required for the completion of the installation.

This technical assistance helps ensure that the product is fully CE marked( Final CE certification will be carried out by your installer if automated)

Reliability and Security.

To meet safety requirements, HORIZAL products and designs are subject to stress tests in an integrated test center.

Availability and Service

The quality finally rests on flexibility in our workshops, allowing HORIZAL to respond to schedule demands and to fulfill its commitments.


With minimal information, HORIZAL can in a very short time:

Build a budget estimate.
Produce a drawing.
Produce a sample.
Establish installation plans.

To simplify the installation, this advanced computerisation allows HORIZAL to provide its customers an installation plan which contains the identification of prefabricated elements for the installation of gates or handrails on site.


HORIZAL Products, whether aluminum gates, aluminum fences, handrails, or pool barriers, all products are based on a purely mechanical assembly method, with stainless steel screws. There is no welding required.

This process, managed by numerous patents, has been the main success of HORIZAL.
Products delivered ready for installation, profiles cut to measure with all assembly parts, our products are fitted quickly and easily on site.

They have exceptional strength.

With the test of time, the older models have undergone no alteration in their quality.

This technical concept also provides several benefits to HORIZAL gates: excellent rigidity, an impeccable finish and the possibility of dismantling and replacing items that may be damaged after installation.

This assembly techniques contribute to the longevity of HORIZAL products and with the European Label “QUALICOAT”, the powder coated finish is guaranteed for 10 years.