Horizal Aluminium Gates

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Fitted by Approved Installers Nationwide.

Horizal Aluminium Gates

Exceptional-quality, Hand-built, Bespoke Gates. Fitted by Approved Installers Nationwide.

Horizal Aluminium Gates

Exceptional-quality, Hand-built, Bespoke Gates. Fitted by Approved Installers Nationwide.

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Automated Gate Safety in the UK

The liability of homeowners can arise if someone gets injured by a dangerous automated gate. These gates have caused deaths, serious injuries, and near misses. Lack of awareness and knowledge of gate safety, along with unqualified installers, contributes to the problem. Many dangerous gates are still in use, particularly on domestic properties.

In the UK, DHF (Door & Hardware Federation) and Gate Safe are two organisations that play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and proper installation of automated gates.

DHF is a trade association that represents manufacturers, suppliers, and installers of industrial, commercial, and domestic doors and gates. They have developed industry standards, guidelines, and codes of practice for the installation and maintenance of automated gates. DHF aims to promote safety, quality, and professionalism within the industry.

Gate Safe is a registered charity that focuses specifically on raising awareness of automated gate safety. They work closely with DHF and other industry stakeholders to educate gate installers, homeowners, and the general public about the potential dangers associated with automated gates. Gate Safe provides training and accreditation to gate installers, ensuring they have the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out safe installations.

Both DHF and Gate Safe collaborate to raise standards and promote best practices in the design, installation, and maintenance of automated gates. They emphasise the importance of regularly inspecting and maintaining gates to ensure their continued safe operation. By adhering to the guidelines and recommendations provided by DHF and Gate Safe, homeowners can minimise the risks associated with automated gates and ensure the safety of those using them.

It’s important for homeowners to engage qualified and accredited gate installers who are registered with DHF and Gate Safe to ensure the installation meets the required safety standards. Additionally, homeowners should regularly inspect their gates, maintain them properly, and be aware of any potential risks or signs of malfunction.


All automatic gates, should comply with the following:

  • Machine Directive – 2006/42/EC
  • Radio Equipment Directive – 2014/53/EU
  • Electro-Magnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC) – 2014/30/EU

To ensure compliance with these directives, gate installation companies should use codes of practice and guidelines from the DHF, including the current gate guide and the recent TS 011:2016.

For more information relating to the required legislation of Gate Safety and Powered Perimeter Gates, please view the links below: