Automated Driveway Gates made in Aluminium: What makes Aluminium Gates a great choice?

Aluminium Driveway Gates are currently taking the UK market by storm. With lots of companies vying for your attention. There are many considerations when finding a high quality aluminium gate that will stand the test of time.

Driveway Gates with Structured Aluminium

Aluminium re-enforcement ensuring structural rigidity and noise suppression. Many ‘cheaper’ alternatives on the market do not offer structural re-enforcement. This is a key aspect when opening and closing a gate, it ensures the gate does not creak due to hollow and thin profiles around the pressure points and areas where the gate will be under sufficient pressure from the mechanical hinges and automation equipment.

10 year guarantee aluminium driveway gates

Check your guarantees, coatings, and the small print! As more and more Aluminium Driveway gates are being installed, we are seeing the after effects of the cheaper coatings and insufficient guarantees. Make sure your coatings are at least ‘marine grade’ as the majority of the UK weather is rather wet for most of the year! Also ensure your guarantee is with the company you are dealing with and not outsourced to another. We always deal with the customer direct with any replacement profiles or guarantee claims for the lifetime of the guarantee.

Recycled aluminium

The Environmental Benefits of Aluminium: What’s the grade of the Aluminium? There are many different purities and grades of Aluminium Available, A lower grade of Aluminium may have less structural strength but may look identical to another Aluminium option. If a gate has been permanently fixed together and has received damaged. You may have the unfortunate bill of having to buy a whole new gate instead of replacing the damaged section. Our Gates are made from the highest European standard of Aluminium Available.

Modular Gates infographic

What happens if someone drives into my gate? It’s not really something we think about when considering a driveway gate, what if someone drives into it or damages it?? Unfortunately a lot of gates on the market have to be fully replaced. Horizal Gates are Inherently modular, meaning if any profile gets damaged or needs replacing it can be replaced with a single profile instead of a whole new unit. Saving you 1000s of pounds if the unfortunate happens.

Silent gates, safe gates and private gates

It’s the included extras that can make the difference. It’s always better to see the gates in person if you can so you can see the quality for yourself. Privacy Strips ensures no gaps to see through the edges, Neoprene buffers and rubber dampers ensure silent and safe closure, anti-lifting technology ensures the gate isn’t going anywhere! Sometimes asking why they use one brand of gate to another can be incredibly insightful. If ‘the price is right’ or ‘they offer us a good price’ be wary. When considering improvements to your own home and living space you wouldn’t anyone purposefully cutting corners.