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We want to nurture a great relationship for the both of us. We need reputable installers and you need a no-fuss high quality solution. We always aim to put our Gate Installers in the best position possible to be able to install an incredibly high-quality gate solution at a reasonable price.


  • 1000s of options and styles to choose from across the 10 collections.

  • Maximum discount for our Gate Installers from day-one.

  • Pre-qualified leads in your area.

  • 10-year guarantee on finish and all parts.

  • Reinforced for automation, individually made with heavy-duty framework.

  • Designed to be dismantled, the modular nature of the gates means replacement /damaged profiles are a no-fuss solution.


  • Always find the perfect solution for you and your customer.

  • Ensure you are offering a high-quality product, at a brilliant price.

  • We’ll do all of the initial work for you, and present you with a qualified lead.

  • An occasional wash with regular water will do the trick!

  • Precision built for your automation equipment to ensure perfect rigidity.

  • No more ‘Replace it with a whole new gate’ just order the panels you need and they can be swapped out within a couple of hours.