Installing Gates Correctly: Order it online or get it installed?

Installing Gates Correctly

Consulting an Gate Installation company is your best bet, especially if you want the gates to be automated. In the UK there are so many rules and regulations regarding safety, that you could be in a lot of trouble if gates are installed at your property that are deemed to be unsafe.

Finding a driveway gate that will stand the test of time comes down to a number of different factors. The material the gate is made of, the design you prefer and most importantly the PRICE! Having an unlimited budget would be nice but in reality most of us have limited scope on what we can afford.

White Aluminium driveway gates with LED lighting in white

What are driveway gates usually made of?

There are four main types of materials that driveway gates can be made of: Wood, Aluminium, Wrought Iron and composite. This is usually your standard options for most homes and domestic driveways. Wood usually being the most cost effective, especially in a soft wood option, although these gates don’t tend to stand the test of time. If you would like a gate that is resistant to rot then you will want to look at wrought Iron or Aluminium.

If you would like a gate that is resistant to rust and warping with cold nights a summer heatwaves then you will most definitely want to go for aluminium. Aluminium is arguably the material of the future, one of the most abundant materials in the earths crust, Eco-friendly being inherently recyclable and rust free makes this material and incredibly useful resource for many many years to come.

Wooden Gates

Wooden driveway gates with iron mongery inside made by Ironcraft

A lovely set of gates above by Ironcraft

This just shows how incredible brand new wooden gates can look. The level of detail that goes into these wooden gates means you can really impress anyone that visits your home. The only downside to this beautiful example comes in around 2 or 3 years or so, when these gates will need stripping and re-varnishing to help protect the wood from rot and damp. If you can afford the yearly outlay to keep the wood looking pristine then you’ve already made your mind up. Stunning.

Wrought Iron Gates

It really doesn’t get more ‘traditional’ looking than a set of wrought iron gates. Incredibly heavy and sturdy, the definitely will keep out intruders. They aren’t the most privacy focused gates, but if you would like to send a message of ‘Stay out’ then these gates definitely fit the bill.

They can also be incredibly cost effective if you like to keep the design simple. Something like this can really start to creep up in cost as the amount of workmanship to fabricate these gates can be quite costly. I would recommend for smaller entrances (side gates, garden gates) this can be your best option.

Composite Gates: The new ‘cheap and cheerful’?

Composite driveway gates in a brown colour

These Plastic and PVC gates are taking housing estates by storm. With their cost effective nature being made from plastic, they are naturally going to stand the test of time. In my opinion they aren’t the most desirable looking driveway gates available but for those on a strict budget, can do a real job to complete an entrance. We would highly recommend spending a little bit more and investing in a set of aluminium driveway gates to complete the look exactly how you would like it. The limited nature of this plastic panelling means you usually have to have 5-10 types of designs.

Aluminium Gates

black aluminium gates with muze infill design pattern ultra modern gates

The latest contender on the market in the UK, Aluminium driveway gates are beginning to be the dominant choice due to the materials natural benefits. Our gates are manufactured accurately with a CNC machine exactly to your dimensions. This ensures a perfect fit for your opening alongside a 10 year guarantee. Free from rust, rot and warping a high thickness aluminium gate can surely stand the test of time for many many years after that. All they require is a wash down every now and then to remove dirt and grime.

Aluminium driveway gates also come in many different innovative designs that cannot be made by hand, meaning there are millions of different combination options to choose from. A lot of companies now are offering standard sizes with thinner profiles to try and compete on cost. We would always recommend a thicker profile of aluminium to ensure rigidity with automation equipment and hinges over time. Always check how long the guarantees for and if they are held directly with the manufacturer or the company supplying them. We have heard reports of being passed from pillar to post want having any issues so use a company you trust.

A lot of aluminium gates are easy to fit yourselves, but if you want to go for an automated option then we would highly recommend using an accredited installer to ensure they follow all safety standards and regulations.

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