What are the best driveway gates?

Do you want gates for privacy, security or convenience? In this guide we will break down the features and benefits of different types and materials of gates to ensure you make the correct choice for your needs.

What are the best driveway gates?

The different gate materials that are available

In this guide we are going to look at the different materials available and have a look at the features and benefits of each.

Wrought-iron driveway gates

What are the best driveway gates? wrought iron example

Heavy, sturdy and offering a traditional look –These gates put the most strain on your motors and hinge points but are the primary choice in the UK due to their sometimes low fabrication cost if decorative elements are kept to a minimum. Whilst these gates perfectly compliment many of the UK’s properties, they offer zero privacy and are primarily used for security of your properties entrance.

Long-lasting – An important point to note is if these gates are coated correctly, the rusting of iron can be kept in check with a coat of paint and de-rust every 5 years or so.

Strain on automatic gates – Due to the extremely high weight load, Automatic gate equipment will reduce it’s lifespan. More expense will also need to be put into the motor equipment (Higher torque motors) and labour costs, requiring at least 3 engineers onsite to lift and fit the gates onto the motor.

Wooden gates

Wooden Driveway Gates that are a bit mouldy

Beautiful but expensive, heavy and high-maintenance These gates can also put strain on your motors and hinge points but brand new wooden gates look incredibly beautiful. The main downsides to this material is the extremely high cost of wood and labour to produce and the annual stripping and varnishing maintenance which is required. Many wooden gates are riddled with mould and rot as the maintenance has to be so frequent and is very hard to upkeep.

Full privacy – Wooden gates can be produced in a full boarded design to enhance your homes privacy and security. Like any driveway gate they act as a great deterrent from home invaders.

Strain on automatic gates – Due to the high weight load and warping of wood, your motor equipment will need to serviced annually, with any adjustments needed to be made to accommodate these changes in the material. Make sure you factor this into your long-term spend when assessing each gate material.

Aluminium gates

Low-maintenance, lightweight and customisable Aluminium driveway gates are easily malleable due to the nature of the aluminium alloy. These gates can also be powder-coated in any colour you would like. The lightweight nature of Aluminium means that these gates put less strain on the motors over time. Always ensure your manufacturer is utilising a high-quality coating method like Qualicoat™ to ensure the gates coating can stand the test of time, for many years to come.

Customisable – with modern, traditional and eccentric design possibilities. Aluminium gates offer a wealth of choice when it comes to the design of the gate.

Low-maintenance & long-lasting – Requiring only an occasional wash and wipe to clean the dirt away, Aluminium gates with a high-quality powder-coating accreditation like Qualicoat, can last for many years and look as good as new. Many companies like ourselves offer a 10-year guarantee as a trust indicator of quality and longevity. Anything longer than this may be speculation, due to the nature of guarantees being honoured based on the companies financial situation and terms and conditions. A 25-year guarantee is more of a clever marketing tool, than a promise of any kind. If you are concerned always check the guarantee to ensure it is comprehensive.

Steel gates

Steel Driveway Gates

Heavy and Incredibly Strong Typically used on businesses and commercial sectors, steel gates offer an added level of security for the site.

Limited in design choice – As steel is such a strong material, it is hard to fabricate, so design choices are limited.

Low-maintenance & long-lasting – Like aluminium, stainless steel and powder coated steel can be very low maintenance.

Composite gates (with steel frame)

Composite Swing Gates are very heavy for driveway gates and requires lots of maintenance, they are not really suited for automation although can be made into electric gates

Heavy, low-cost and limited design styles – These gates are proving quite popular with landlords and homeowners looking for a low cost and simple gate design. The nature of the plastic-wood mix of composite means depending on the blend, mould can form. But generally are a very strong and resistant material.

Limited in design styles – Typically fabricated in a black steel frame with a choice of different composite board colours, homeowners can achieve privacy and security at a low cost.

Heavy – The combination of the steel frame and composite boards can add an incredible amount of weight to the gates, so homeowners can expect to pay a little extra for the automation equipment and something strong to hang the gates from. These are a great garden gate or manual gate option for a low-cost and long lasting option.

What are the best driveway gates? In conclusion

The best option for you will come down to your needs and requirements. A great place to start would be to consult a reputable gate installer with accreditations to determine what the best option would be for you.

A few questions to ask yourself prior to your consultation would be:

– Do you need privacy?

– Do you need security?

– Do you have a specific style and colour in mind?

– Will these gates be manual or would you like them to be automated?

– Access control and Intercom system – Do you want to be notified when someone is at the gate? how would you like to communicate with them?

– Is there power to the gates location?

These answers will determine the best way for the installer to build the quotation. If your quotation is more than expected, communication is key. Gathering other quotes from other installers can also help determine how to get the best long term solution for your money.

Please Note: Don’t fall into the common trap of accepting the cheapest quotation! If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Speak to the Aluminium gate experts today and find the best solution for your home!

We look forward to seeing your completed project

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