Choosing a Driveway Gate

Coming to a decision on the correct automated drive way gate for your home takes a lot of consideration on a number of factors, a great place to start is the choice of the material of your driveway gates. With many options and styles to choose from, it can be useful to read up on the benefits of each.

Aluminium Gates MAHE

What different materials are there?

The main four options available in the UK are: Metal gates, wooden gates, aluminium gates and composite gates.

With a drive way gate, Some people prefer style over function, opting for the more traditional gates like wood and metal (wrought-iron) gates. In terms of longevity and value, wood can be the least cost effective due to the labour involved and maintenance. In addition to this the environment and weather in the UK will fade and mould these gates overtime if not maintained regularly with stripping and varnishing.

Wooden Driveway gate in aluminium between brick pillars with sliding automation

Aluminium gate Simulating a Wooden drive way gate

As weather becomes more extreme with heat-waves and cold, long winters the tendency for wrought iron and wooden driveway gates to warp, expand and contract increases overtime.

Another aspect to consider would be the property style and age, this may help hone in what the best style of gate is for the property. An older property may be better suited to a more traditional wrought iron style, and some councils require strictly wooden or wooden effect gates.

What is my budget?

A tricky question to ask as I’m sure you know, until you have shopped around for quotations you wont know how much your installation will come to. Generally the most cost effective options are Composite with Aluminium usually delivering the most value and wood and wrought iron offering the most eye catching and intricate designs.

Aluminium gates by far deliver the best value for most customers. Aluminium drive way gates are a relatively new option to the UK market as wood and wrought iron has traditionally dominated the industry. Now technology has progressed to a stage where we can fabricate incredibly intricate designs, modern looking gates and gates that can replicate traditional styles. The automated fabrication process of aluminum gates means you have consistency over fit and finish.

What makes an aluminium drive way gate so great?

Due to the innate properties of aluminium, it is an incredibly malleable material during the fabrication process, that doesn’t expand and contract through various weather conditions. Additionally aluminium does not rust, corrode or oxidise over time. With an addition of a professional coating it was be easy to repair maintain and replace if any sections are to get damaged or scratched.

Other things to consider…

If you are looking to get a drive way gate automated, you ill ideally want to decide this at the time of enquiry, as some gates can be manufactured for automation to be installed at a later date. You will save money when buying a manual gate option but in the long run you may spend more time fitting the gates yourself, getting out of the car to open and close them, or ultimately just leaving them open most of the time defeating the main purpose for having a closed off and secure entrance way.

We would highly recommend using a gate installer with some form of safety accreditation by either DHF™ or GateSafe™ to ensure your installation follows all safety standards and regulations.